Episode 4

Harmonious Holidays: 5 Essential Tips for Thriving with In-Laws This Thanksgiving

Welcome to another episode of OMR: One Marriage, Rocking. In this week's edition, hosts Shennice Cleckley and LeBrian Cleckley dive into the topic of thriving during the holiday season, specifically when it comes to navigating relationships with in-laws. Join them as they share their insights and tips for effective communication, flexibility and compromise, appreciating differences, using a team approach, and practicing self-care. Get ready to learn how to make your Thanksgiving and other holidays truly enjoyable and stress-free. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit back, and let's rock this holiday season together!

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Our bio “Meet LeBrian and Shennice Cleckley, a dynamic duo who've been happily married for 16 wonderful years. They've built a beautiful family with four kids and are overjoyed to have a precious granddaughter in their lives.

Together, they are the creative minds behind L. Cleckley Media Company, a venture dedicated to producing captivating podcasts and unscripted shows tailored for the GenX and Xennial generations. Their flagship creation, the "Our Marriage Rocks" podcast, is a testament to their enduring love and wisdom.

But their passion for love and partnership goes beyond the airwaves. LeBrian and Shennice also lead a ministry called "Our Marriage Rocks." Through this ministry, they provide invaluable services such as marriage coaching, enrichment classes, and officiant services to help couples strengthen their bonds and celebrate love in all its forms.

LeBrian and Shennice Cleckley are not just a couple; they're an inspiring team dedicated to spreading love, wisdom, and laughter in the world of marriage.”